Around the world in 80 days localization guide | Where was it shot?

David Tennant (Des, Good Omens) plays the unlikely globetrotter Phileas Fogg in the all-new BBC adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days, based on the book of the same name.

The show begins with Mr Fogg taking a bet of £ 20,000 to get around the world in 80 days or less, before embarking on his journey alongside his valet Passepartout (Ibrahim Koma) and accompanied by journalist Abigail Fix (Leonie Benesch of The Crown), who plans to document their movements.

The series kicks off in London and in the first three episodes alone, the journey takes our characters from the streets of Paris to a sandstorm in the Yemen desert.

Read our guide to the filming locations used for BBC One’s globe-trotting series Around the World in 80 Days.

Where was the Around the World in 80 Days filmed?

BBC One’s drama Around the World in 80 Days was filmed primarily in two locations – South Africa and Romania – with the two countries representing a multitude of different locations throughout the eight-part series.

Speaking exclusively to, Leonie Benesch (who plays Abigail Fix) said: “I’ve never been to South Africa. Also, I have never been to Romania. So both were new to me. I liked them both.

On the set of a desert scene for episode three, she added, “It was beautiful. [but] disgusting to film there because it is so hot. But that was the case with a lot of places, you’d get there, like, “This is amazing!” I want to go home!’ And “I must be next to an air conditioner” or “I must be in the water because it is just too hot.” “

Where was the London Reform Club filmed?

The Reform Club, the gentlemen’s club in London of which Phileas Fogg is a member, was shot at the historic Cape Town Town Hall in South Africa.

Katy Fyfe, director of the series in South Africa, explained: “The building where we shot the Reform Club is the town hall. The city of Cape Town was very kind to let us shoot there and really opened the doors for us to use it for the time needed to complete the shoot. It’s almost unheard of to have the location of City Hall for so long.

“Nelson Mandela gave his speech on freedom from there. There is actually a monument to him when you go up the main stairs of the building where he was standing right after his release from prison. The building contains a lot of memories and special moments from South African history.

The Reform Club plays a key and recurring role in the series, as this is where we revisit the characters of Nyle Bellamy and Bernard Fortescue, the latter being the editor of the Daily Telegraph and the beloved father of Abigail.

However, other scenes set in London – including Fogg’s house and various streets of London – were filmed in Romania.

Where were the Parisian scenes of episode 1 filmed?

Around the world in 80 days

BBC / Skinny 80 Days

Sebastian Krawinkel, the show’s production designer, revealed that the scenes set on the streets of Paris, France were actually shot in Romania, and in particular its capital Bucharest.

He explained: “Romania has offered us an amazing artistic department with highly skilled and amazing artists. We also found some great places in and around Bucharest with huge old buildings that worked for the Paris part of the trip. The architecture in Bucharest is very French by influence so it was lucky. “

Where were the train scenes in Italy in episode 2 filmed?

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS - EP02 - Ibrahim Koma (PASSEPARTOUT), David Tennant (PHILEAS FOGG) and Leonie Benesch (ABIGAIL ÒFIXÓ FORTESCUE) Photographer: Tudor Cucu - © Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be- FILMS / RTBF (Belgian television) Ð 2021

The Italian ravine that Phileas Fogg and his companions attempt to cross by train in episode two was filmed in Romania, close to the historic region of Transylvania.

Speaking exclusively to, Benesch said: “In Romania we went to – episode two, [with] all the stuff on the train as they were crossing the ravine – we were in the mountain near Transylvania, which is actually where my grandpa is from because I went there on weekends. But yes, it was really surreal. [It wasn’t] a place you would never go.

Where was the Yemen port city of Al Hudaydah filmed?

Name of the program: Around the world in 80 days - TX: n / a - Episode: Around the world in 80 days - ep 3 (No. 3) - Photo shows: Phileas Fogg (DAVID TENNANT), Passepartout (IBRAHIM KOMA ) - (C) Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-FILMS / RTBF (Belgian television) - Photographer: Joe Alblas

In Around the World in 80 Days, episode three, Phileas Fogg finds himself stranded on the west coast of Yemen, in the port city of Al Hudaydah – and opts for a dangerous crossing of the desert.

Al Hudaydah (a real town and main port on the Red Sea) was actually filmed in Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa, with production adapting old sets that were dormant on the backlot, or by converting previous sets from other shows.

Krawinkel said he and his team started with “researching what a place like Al Hudaydah would look like in 1872 ″, when the series is set.

He continued, “It’s a real city in Yemen with its main port on the Red Sea. We started with pictures and ideas and found this beautiful town square that we could work with, located at Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa, which had been used for another show. We drew some sketches of how it could be turned into an Arab town square, which was our starting point. I shared my first sketches and ideas with director Steve Barron and the producers and got a great response and then we started to build.

Where were the desert sandstorms filmed in episode three?

Around the world in 80 days

The sandstorm scenes for episode three were filmed among the Atlantis sand dunes, located on the west coast from south africa.

Other places in South Africa were also used for different parts of the desert trip. Site manager Katy Fyfe explained: “To learn a little more about the journey through the desert, we also filmed at Theewaterskloof [in the Western Cape province of South Africa], which gives us another section of desert. The location looks really good on the movie.

“Then we headed for the mountains just across from Grabouw where we shot the end of the trip to the Arabian Desert. Basically, through the magic of the movie, we put these places together to create a long, continuous journey. “

Where was the desert oasis from episode three shot?

Program name: Around the World in 80 Days - TX: n / a - Episode: Around the World in 80 Days - Behind the Scenes (n / a) - Photo Shows: Behind the Scenes Phileas Fogg (DAVID TENNANT) - (C) Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-FILMS / RTBF (Belgian television) - Photographer: Joe Alblas

Behind the scenes of the filming of the Around the World in 80 Days (BBC Photos)

Likewise, the desert oasis was filmed in another location separate from South Africa, because it would have been impossible to dig an “oasis” in the sand dunes of Atlantis.

We spotted an old brick field that had two pits where they were digging clay for bricks. One contained water and the other did not. We couldn’t use the one with water so we went with the dry pit.

“We had to bring a lot of water to fill this quarry and due to water restrictions in Cape Town we used non-potable water. We have created a wonderful oasis there with the help of the greenery and the art department. I think it sounded amazing, ”Fyfe said.

Where were the scenes shot in India?

Around the world in 80 days


At the start of episode four (and on day 28 of their trip around the world), Phileas, Passepartout, and Abigail arrive in a small hillside village in India – and are held up at a wedding.

The scenes set in India were shot in South Africa, using a set reused in the Oaklands area, according to location manager Katy Fyfe.

“I loved our set in Oaklands where the Indian Village is located,” she said. “The transformation alone was amazing to watch; to take it from what was a biblical set to this beautiful Indian village. Much work has gone into this set; much more than most people realize or understand.

Sebastian Krawinkel, production designer for the series, explained separately how the production managed to create an Indian village in South Africa.

“We have another old setting that we also reused to make a hillside village in India, of which I was very proud. It gives us a completely different look and landscape for the show. South Africa is so diverse that way. On this side of the country we are in wheat fields so we also found our British military camp nearby which was very useful with a unit of this size to move around, ”he said.

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Around the World in 80 Days will be released on Boxing Day in the UK on BBC One and in the US on Sunday January 2 via PBS. Want to watch something sooner? Check out our full TV guide or our Drama hub for more news and features.

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