Banca Transilvania SA: launches Practic BT Verde, the cheapest personal loan offered by the bank


Communication from presa2021-10-13

Banca Transilvania continues to launch products and solutions to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by launching Practice BT Verde, a loan for personal needs, in lei. At the end of the year, the interest rate is fixed, up to three percentage points lower than that of BT’s standard offer for the personal loan: 7.5% / year for the loan with insurance and 8% / year for the loan without life insurance and unemployment insurance.

Practic BT Verde is intended for the purchase of equipment, household appliances, urban mobility solutions, equipment or materials that respect the environment. It can also be used as an advance on loans for the purchase of new fully electric cars. The campaign is aimed at individual customers who present the bank with a proforma invoice, a tax invoice or a commercial offer of eco-responsible products. Anyone can apply for the loan online or at any unit in the BT network.

Benefits for Practic BT Verde customers:

  • It can be borrowed for an amount between 5,000 and 100,000 RON.

  • A wide range of income is accepted: salaries, pensions, rents, dividends, independent activities, royalties.

  • The loan period is a maximum of 5 years with / without life and employment insurance.

An example for a Practic BT Verde loan in the amount of 43,000 lei:

  • For a Practic BT Verde loan with life and unemployment insurance, in the amount of 43,000 lei, with fixed interest for the entire term of the loan (7.5%), for 5 years, in 60 equal installments:

    • Monthly deposit: 861.63 lei;

    • DAE (annual effective interest rate): 9.16%;

    • Total cost of credit: 9,989.51 lei;

    • The total amount payable is 52,989.51 lei;

    • The cost of the insurance, included in the total credit value, is 1,204 lei.

  • For a Pracic BT Verde loan without life and unemployment insurance, in the amount of 43,000 lei, with fixed interest for the entire duration of the loan (8%), for a period of 5 years, in 60 equal monthly installments:

    • Monthly deposit: 871.88 lei;

    • DAE (annual effective interest rate): 8.39%;

    • Total cost of credit: 9,400.7 lei;

    • Total amount payable: 52,400.7 lei.

Green solutions from Banca Transilvania

Another step taken this year by Banca Transilvania concerning its offer of green solutions products was the launch, in July, of the first eco-responsible card in Romania, the Visa BT Classic debit card. Transforming this portfolio into an environmentally friendly portfolio means reducing the carbon footprint by nearly 40%. The bank’s goal is to make all newly issued cards environmentally friendly by 2022.

BT customers can also access the Green Real Estate Mortgage Loan for the purchase of energy-efficient buildings. For loans granted by the end of the year, the new product carries a variable interest rate starting at 3.68% for new loans and refinancing.

Banca Transilvania also offers a series of alternative green payment solutions, through which it contributes both to financial inclusion and to reducing the carbon footprint. Most can be found in the BT Pay, NeoBT and BT Visual Help applications, namely: access to digital cards before their physical receipt, application for a complete STAR purchasing card online (via BT Pay) and available directly in digital format; online current account opening and online card issuance (NeoBT), with digital signature; obtain account statements in electronic format; receive PINs / card activation codes, etc. by SMS.

Another green component through which Banca Transilvania wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle is the BT Pay Prizes on the Move – premii in miscare – functionality. By connecting the app to Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit accounts, users have access to rewards, prizes, and benefits based on their physical activity and number of steps taken.

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