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Eleven stock exchanges from the region announced their participation in the BURSA conference dedicated to the stock exchange.

the BURSA press group, in partnership with the Brokers Association, organizes the hybrid conference “Cooperation possibilities between Central and Eastern European stock exchanges”, which will be held on May 27, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. The event will take place at the Novotel hotel and on the Zoom platform and will be broadcast live on www.bursa.ro, on the Facebook page and the Youtube channel of the BURSA newspaper, as well as on the Facebook accounts of the partner media.

the BURSA conference, which will be moderated by Dan Paul, President of the Brokers Association and Vice-President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, received attendance confirmations from representatives of eleven stock exchanges in the region, market analysts and representatives of companies listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange, as follows:

  • Radu Hanga, Chairman of the Bucharest Stock Exchange;
  • Adrian Tănase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange;
  • Richárd Végh, CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange, Hungary;
  • Witold Wiliński, CEO of GPW Tech, part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Group (GPW Group), Poland;
  • Aleš Ipavec, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Slovenia;
  • Manyu Moravenov, CEO of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange;
  • Artan Gjergji, Executive Director – CEO of Albanian Securities Exchange sa (ALSE);
  • Ivana Gažić, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Croatia;
  • Siniša Krneta, CEO of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Serbia;
  • Christoph boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, Austria;
  • Corneliu Plump, the president of the Moldovan Stock Exchange;
  • Mahmut Aydoğmuş, PhD, Director (Act.) Of International Relations, Borsa Istanbul, Turkey;
  • Ovidiu petru, Capital markets expert at the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF);
  • Johan meyer, CEO of Franklin Templeton International Services S.à rl, Bucharest branch;
  • Ioana Birta, Chief Financial Officer, TeraPlast;
  • Ioan Nani, CEO of Antibiotice Iaşi;
  • Jan Pricop, the executive director of the Association of Fund Managers of Romania (AAF);
  • Daniela Secară, CEO of BT Capital Partners;
  • Adrian Codirlaşu, Vice-president, CFA Romania;
  • André Cappon, Founder of the CBM Group, New York, United States;

The event will feature two panels. The first will discuss the possibilities of cooperation between the stock exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe, and the second will discuss the stage of development and prospects of the Romanian stock markets.

The Romanian stock market was promoted last year to the emerging secondary market by FTSE Russell, while the most important markets in the region are advanced and Poland is a developed market. For now, BSE has few companies included in the FTSE indices, and their weight is relatively low, but there are prospects for improvement. However, quotes from large companies are scarce, which means that the supply available to institutional investors (mutual funds, pension funds) continues to decrease. On the other hand, over the past year, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have resorted to financing through the multilateral trading system mechanisms of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and the number of active investors on the BSE has increased. All of that changed during the Covid-19 lockdown, an event that changed behaviors, changed and accelerated trends, reset economies. At the conference on May 27, the BURSA newspaper wishes to present the current stage of development of the Romanian stock exchange, its prospects and those of its peers in the region, the opportunities and obstacles that are emerging following the Covid-19 pandemic. .

The themes offered include:

First panel: Cooperation possibilities between Central and Eastern European stock exchanges

Themes proposed for debate:

  • Capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe – the value of regional cooperation;
  • Appropriate cooperation models – Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America;
  • Regional cooperation proposals – benefits for stock exchanges, issuers and investors.

Next panel: Bucharest Stock Exchange – emerging market in Central and Eastern Europe. A debate on the stage of development and prospects of our stock market.

Themes proposed for debate:

  • The outlook for the Romanian stock market after entering the emerging market segment; benefits for companies, investors, investment funds, pension funds, etc.
  • Modes of use of the mechanisms of the stock market for issuers: financing of growth, exit from the company (exit), etc. the differences between listed and unlisted companies;
  • The role of the state in the development of the stock market.

About BURSA events:

The organization of this type of meeting is the task of the BURSA newspaper, as an information vehicle, organizer and traditional host, for the open transfer of know-how, opinion-taking, opportunities and commercial agreements, contact methods.

With more than 150 events hosted, the BURSA newspaper brought together more than 20,000 participants from the business sector, finance, banking, public authorities, diplomats, lawyers, consultants, journalists. BURSA events were a real success, being viewed by 35,000 people on average and reaching around 55,000 people.

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