Graeme Souness recalled his own shameful tackle after accusing Pogba of ‘leg breaker’


Graeme Souness made no secret that he was not Paul Pogba’s biggest fan.

The 68-year-old has criticized Pogba on numerous occasions since the French midfielder returned to Manchester United of Juventus in 2016.

Some criticism has been justified, but Souness has been accused by many of going too far at times.

The Sky Sports expert has been heavily criticized for describing Pogba’s challenge on Ruben Neves as a “leg breaker”.

by Pogba the tackle went unpunished, much to Wolves’ fury, and Mason Greenwood scored United’s game-winning goal moments later.

Souness was furious with Pogba’s tackle

“The referee is there to referee the match, he’s two meters away. Whether Neves falls or doesn’t fall – it doesn’t matter,” complained an apoplectic Souness after the match, by The mirror.

“He’s a pain-killer. Look how close the ref is, he’s a pain-killer.

“Any player who’s ever played the game, they’ll stand two meters away from it, they’ll tell you it’s a dangerous challenge.”

He added: “This referee ruled that it was not a foul. It is impossible for anyone who knows football to say that it is not a foul.”

Watch Pogba’s challenge on Neves here…

Painful? Many people felt Souness was off target with his overwhelming assessment of Pogba’s tackle attempt.

Football fans remind Souness of his own terrible tackle

In response, some football fans on social media were quick to remind Souness what a real “leg breaker” looks like.

How? ‘Or’ What? By showing him a video of a shameful challenge he launched into his own career.

Souness, who is one of the toughest tackles in British football history, once crushed Steaua Bucharest’s Iosif Rotariu while playing for Rangers in the 1988 European Cup quarter-finals.

Watch the challenge here …

How Souness managed to escape a red card will forever be a mystery.

Souness’ tackle “could have been fatal” for Rotariu

Rotariu had to undergo surgery on his return to Romania and said his life could have been in danger following one of the worst tackles in football history.

“My lymph nodes burst as a result of this tackle,” he told Romanian television, by The sun, in 2019. “At half-time, the doctor used a syringe to extract the lymphatic fluid.

“My leg started to swell badly. He put a bandage around my thigh.

“I couldn’t feel my leg anymore but I continued to play. I wasn’t in pain because I couldn’t feel my leg.

“After the game, the leg continued to swell. The doctor had to extract the lymph fluid again.


“I was operated on the next morning. It was a … difficult operation. Quite difficult.

“Because of that, I missed the semi-finals of the European Cup against Benfica.

“I was away for two months. The boots did not have those today’s little plastic studs to prevent players from getting calluses.

“The studs were big and made of iron. His tackle left deep wounds.

“The surgeon told me it could have been fatal for me if his boot had caught me a few inches higher.”

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