IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – This Week’s Reuters Features Schedule


October 7 (Reuters) – Every week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are a few stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the headlines of the world. For a full calendar of news and events, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

Former Indonesian woman reshapes views on the spread of early humans

MAROS, Indonesia – Genetic traces in the body of a young woman who died 7,000 years ago provide the first clue that the mixing between the first humans in Indonesia and those of distant Siberia took place much earlier than never thought so before. (INDONESIA-FOSSIL / DNA (TV, PIX), 401 words)

The stray dog ​​is Istanbul commuters’ best friend

ISTANBUL – On a crowded Istanbul ferry between Europe and Asia, all eyes are on a commuter enjoying the view from his window. Boji, a street dog, has become a regular sight on the ferries, buses and subways of Europe’s largest city. (TURKEY-DOG / (TV, PIX), 301 words)

Chilean tree holds hope for new vaccines – if stocks last

CASABLANCA, Chile, October 6 (Reuters) – On a dusty farm track in Chile’s wine region, behind a wooden door surrounded by chains, forestry experts tend to a plantation of saplings whose bark promises potent vaccines. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS / NOVAVAX-TREE (INSIGHT, PIX, TV), 1,236 words)

Netflix to change ‘Squid Game’ phone number after woman flooded with calls

SEOUL – A South Korean woman who was inundated with thousands of calls and texts after her phone number was highlighted as a key plot point for the hit Netflix show “Squid Game” might soon get some relief. (TV-GAME SQUID / PHONE NUMBER (PIX), 397 words)

Private collection tells the story of the heyday of Egyptian cinema

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – In a tiny apartment converted into a museum in Alexandria, in the north of the country, the cluttered collection of negatives, posters and projectors of 72-year-old Makram Salama traces the history of Egyptian cinema to its heyday of the 20th century. (EGYPT-CULTURE / ARCHIVIST (PIX, TV), 333 words)

Barbie astronaut doll takes off in zero gravity

LONDON – A Barbie doll version of Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has taken to a zero-gravity flight in an effort to inspire young girls to consider careers in space and science, technology, math and life. engineering (STEM). (MATTEL-BARBIE / SPACE (TV, PIX), 230 words)

Artist who projects paint with his eyes destroys canvases to create NFTs

BUENOS AIRES – Argentine artist Leandro Granato, known for his “eye painting” technique, destroyed five of his works to create art that now exists only in the digital world. (ARGENTINA-ARTIST / (PIX, TV), 226 words)

Romanian footballers team up to cheer on dog’s life

BUCHAREST – Before kicking a ball to start games this season, Romania’s top footballers are transporting stray dogs to the pitch as part of an initiative to find homes for abandoned animals. (ROMANIA-SOCCER / DOGS (TV, PIX), emotional, 271 words)

Amazed volcano hunter rocked by La Palma eruption

LA PALMA, Spain – Eva Kubelkova is a volcanic enthusiast who travels the world in search of active eruptions. Intrigued by reports of seismic activity in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, she booked a ticket there a day before a massive eruption rocked the island. “When I saw how powerful it was with my own eyes, I shivered all afternoon. It’s really huge and something new even after all these years watching volcanoes,” she told Reuters. (SPAIN-VOLCANO / VOLCANO FAN (TV, PIX), 331 words)

Dogs, cats and chickens: taking care of the animals of La Palma made homeless by the volcano

LA PALMA, Spain – The moans of caged dogs mingle with the chatter of giggling chickens at a makeshift animal shelter on the Spanish island of La Palma, hastily set up to relocate hundreds of homeless animals when their owners fled the Cumbre Vieja volcano. (SPAIN-VOLCANO / ANIMALS (TV, PIX), 334 words)


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(Compiled by Patrick Enright and Mark Porter)

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