IXFI launches new exchange platform that functions as an alternative banking solution

As the world gradually moves away from traditional finance and banking, the complexity of crypto exchanges is one of the main gaps hampering the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Amid this confusion, IXFI, an alternative banking solution, has launched its new crypto trading platform.

Launched on the occasion of the Great Union Day of Romania on December 1, IXFI aims to make crypto trading easier for users by offering 500 coins and over 1000 pairs in a single exchange. IXFI, with this launch, has taken one step further to become the fast and secure alternative to banks by offering services, such as crypto lending and card solutions.

Founder Cristian Andrei believes:

“My vision is to create a safe and user-friendly ecosystem that would make trading easier for even the less experienced people. IXFI aims to give people greater choice, greater independence, and the ability to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. Our goal is to encourage people to think big and open their minds to trading, creating features we’ve all been waiting for.

Exchange centralized by IXFI

IXFI addresses several issues that users currently face when interacting with crypto exchanges, such as high trading fees, limited liquidity, and below average customer support. Instead, IXFI offers a state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated crypto exchange with a seamless user experience, high liquidity, fast and inexpensive transactions, and high-level security.

IXFI has gained popularity as a centralized financial crypto exchange, as a robust and secure alternative to banks. The exchange is equipped with several features like automated trading, accurate reporting and data, spot trading, crypto exchange, credit card support and 24/7 customer support. 7. Apart from these features, the IXFI exchange will have several features that will be unveiled gradually.

Upcoming features

Starting with a mobile version that will launch in February, IXFI will gradually increase the utility of the exchange according to a very complex roadmap.

– Playground environment

IXFI has taken a unique approach to crypto trading by creating a safe playing field environment where new traders can test their skills. In the playground, traders can access virtual currencies for free to hone their skills and earn rewards and points that can be used in the exchange. The playing field will be a replica of the original exchange with virtually no risk.

– Crypto loans

Loans are an important part of a financial organization, but a selective feature of the crypto environment. However, with IXFI, users can borrow loans against their digital assets as collateral. These guarantees will also bear interest depending on the borrower’s activities.

– Earnings program

IXFI offers a winnings program where users have the option of wagering their cryptocurrencies to increase their income. The exchange offers competitive APY rates on their cryptos, including stablecoins. For staking, the user must have an individual interest account or participate in the investment pool.

– Card solutions

IXFI offers a decentralized alternative to financial cards with features such as point of sale. Using these cards, traders and stores can receive payments directly into crypto without any conversion fees or hidden charges. The usefulness of these cards will depend on local regulations.

– No wallet address required

Usually crypto traders struggle with excess characters on their wallet addresses which can cause manual errors resulting in loss of funds. IXFI aims to create a standard in which users can send and receive funds without having to master their crypto wallet addresses between two parties registered on the platform.

– NFT barter exchange platform

IXFI is working on an NFT barter option which will open the possibility of negotiating NFTs for different NFTs with several unique features unique to IXFI.

By offering this plethora of features, IXFI aims to make crypto trading simple for beginners and experts alike. To this extent, IXFI will also launch IXFI Academy to educate and empower aspiring crypto investors.

About IXFI

IXFI is a crypto trading platform that offers a robust alternative to banks. Backed by an expert team of Romanian, Swiss and Indian professionals and entrepreneurs, IXFI is dedicated to helping new investors gain a foothold in the crypto space. The long list of features and upcoming launches will help IXFI achieve this goal.

For more information, visit the official website on www.ixfi.com.

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