Mihaela Stroia is the new CEO of UNIQA Asigurari de Viata


With more than 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, including five within the UNIQA team, Mihaela Stroia joins the UNIQA Board, after a previous term between 2017 and 2019.

Prior to UNIQA, Mihaela Stroia consolidated her professional experience in leading companies active in the fields of auditing and financial advice, as well as insurance administration and private pension funds.

During her tenure at UNIQA as Chief Financial Officer, Mihaela Stroia coordinated and implemented major improvement projects in this area in order to create a framework of financial stability and soundness for the company, based on risk management principles and stability standards for a responsible business.

“We are going through a period where continuous adaptation is necessary, especially since life insurance is an important driver of healthy and sustainable growth for UNIQA in Romania. The company is in a new stage of evolution, highlighting the experience offered to customers, defined by simplicity, relevance, accessibility and trust. In this context, the activity in the life insurance segment is coordinated by Mihaela Stroia, a professional with vast experience, who has demonstrated, each time, a conduct situated to the highest ethical standards and integrity. His experience and contribution so far within UNIQA, in the financial field, but also at the level of the upper management structure, gives us all the confidence that we will continue to build on solid foundations the financial stability of the country. ‘company for a responsible company towards the team, the customers and our partners, as well as the community ”, said representatives of the Supervisory Board of UNIQA Asigurari de Viata.

“I occupy this position with full responsibility, in a new stage in the evolution of UNIQA, marked both by the transformations at the company level and by the challenges of the current context, in which people are increasingly more aware of the role and relevance of insurance. protection. Financial stability, the way we manage risk and the responsibility with which we operate will continue to measure our success in consolidating our position among the most relevant players in the insurance market. I am honored to be part of the UNIQA Board of Directors and I am confident that together with my colleagues, we will further increase the trust and appreciation that UNIQA enjoys among its customers and partners ”, said Mihaela Stroia, CEO – President of the UNIQA Council Asigurari de viata.

The following period brought a series of important changes, which supported the transformation and the development of the activity of the UNIQA Group at the international level, but also locally. The company is going through a new phase of evolution, with ambitious objectives to obtain 5-star ratings from customers in all the countries where the UNIQA Group is present. The new business model of the company harmonizes processes in international markets, which makes it possible to mobilize all professional skills to meet the needs of customers in a personalized way, depending on the segment to which they belong – Retail, Bancassurance, Corporate & Affinity , by offering them quality products and services. , at the level of the highest demands.

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