By Elizabeth Lee

A BALLYLINAN male who was adopted from Romania at birth and invited to appear on Romania X factor the show was presented to her unknown siblings live!

Stefan J Doyle had just competed on the show for a spot in the semi-finals when the TV presenter took the stage and told the singer the producers had a surprise for him. Then came out four of his siblings – sisters Claudia and Tunde and brothers Mario and (also) Stefan.

“I froze in front of the lights, the cameras, the audience. It was weird, it was like everything was collapsing around me and all I could see was them, ”Stefan said.

“After 30 years as an only child, to see four people look like you and know they are your family is amazing. “

Stefan was born in Romania but was adopted by Wexford couple Catherine and Stephen Doyle when he was just eight months old. The family moved to Tullow, Co Carlow and he attended elementary school in Ballyconnell, while FCJ Bunclody was his high school. He now lives in Ballylinan, Co Laois with his fiancee Samanta, their two children and three stepchildren.

His parents have always supported him, both in his lifelong passion for music and in his search for his roots.

After building up a large following on his official social media page Stefan J Doyle, Stefan was contacted by the Romanian X factor team, who asked him to appear on the show. He had been in contact with his birth parents before and knew his siblings, but he had never met them. Meeting them in the spotlight and in front of thousands of people in no way detracts from the special nature of the meeting.

“It’s not that I liked drama, it’s not that at all. But that’s how I met them and that’s what matters. I could have met them on top of a mountain, it wouldn’t have made any difference. I met them and loved it, ”Stefan said.

Stefan J Doyle pictured with his parents Stephen and Catherine at Tullow Co. Carlow.
Imagine Dylan Vaughan.

His mother and fiancee were in the audience supporting him after the show and the next day he met his siblings again and spent time with them.

Incredibly, Stefan has now qualified for the semifinals of ***X factor*** and I can’t wait to play live again.

“I hope to win this competition because I have so much to give back to the world. I want to be able to give concerts and take spectators to another world. People deserve to be happy and I want to put a smile on their lips, ”he previously told the Laois Nationalist.

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