Television: which country has the best Netflix catalog?


A study looked at the quality of the Netflix catalog in 30 countries.

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UDUM! There is no shortage of series and films on Netflix. But depending on the country, the programming offer is not the same. So which country has the best Netflix catalog? This is the question that a study proposes to answer by dissecting the different content available on the streaming platform in different countries around the world. Here are the Top 30 countries with the best Netflix offer.

Which country comes out on top? Netflix has established itself as the leader in streaming worldwide. And much of this success is due to the company’s strategic approach to tailor its catalog to each national market. So much so that Netflix offers a different product in each country. The Uswitch study analyzed the Netflix catalog from different countries to determine which offers the best catalog. The United States, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Slovakia and Romania … In total, Netflix programming from 30 countries has been scrutinized.

Japan in the lead, a disappointing performance in the United States

Netflix may have its origins in the United States, but it’s in Japan that subscribers can enjoy the best catalog of series and movies online. The offer in the Land of the Rising Sun obtained the perfect score of 100% after careful examination of the data of the films and television series available, according to the criteria of the study, based on the scores of content obtained on IMdb and the prizes won in various competitions. . Then we find the Czech Republic in second place followed by South Korea. The United Kingdom comes in fourth place while the United States comes second to last in the standings at 29th place, just ahead of Malaysia.

Watching only the proposed TV series, the UK takes the trophy with highly rated shows like “Breaking Bad” (the highest rated series on IMDb), followed by “Our Planet” and “Rick and Morty. ”The UK is also number one, in terms of quantity, as the country with the most series and movies in its Netflix catalog with 3,992. France is last, out of a total of 20 countries. , with 3,349 films and series.

When it comes to catalogs of the best rated films, the Czech Republic is the one with the highest score, followed by Japan and South Korea. Canada comes 11th, the UK 12th and the US doesn’t even make the top 15. Some of the top-rated feature films in the Czech Republic’s catalog include “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Godfather”, ” The Fils du Consul “and” Or Vert “.

To establish this ranking, the study was based on the IMdb scores of each film and series in a country’s catalog, as well as on the awards and nominations attributed to the series and films. Each country was then ranked according to the final score obtained, converted to a percentage for the week of September 16.

Top 30 countries with the best Netflix catalog (according to the Uswitch study)

1. Japan

2. Czech Republic

3. South Korea

4. United Kingdom

5. Switzerland

6. Hungary

7. Germany

8. Belgium

9. India

10. Canada

11. Slovakia

12. Romania

13. Hong Kong

14. Australia

15. Singapore

16. France

17. Thailand

18. Lithuania

19. Mexico

20. Argentina

21. Poland

22. Italy

23. Greece

24. Spain

25. Russia

26. Netherlands

27. Brazil

28. South Africa

29. United States

30. Malaysia

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